Town Board

Board Members & Contact Numbers

Bill Nass, Chairman - (920) 285-3457  

Richard Walter, Supervisor - (920) 285-7754  

Brent Carlson, Supervisor - (920) 285-8240  

Teresa Triana, Treasurer - (920) 285-8586  

Deb Carlson, Clerk - (920) 285-3459

Board Meetings

Town Board Meetings are normally held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 pm.  The Board meets at the Emmet Town Hall.  Residents are welcome to attend.

Meeting Notices

Board meeting notices are posted at the following locations:

Emmet Town Hall

Koplin Excavating

Borderline BP

Notice is also published in the Municipal Meeting Notices in the Watertown Daily Times and on this web-site.

Clerk Contact Information

Deb Carlson - (920)285-3459